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Our tribal identity defines us, shapes us and is a source of great strength and sense of belonging. In return it demands loyalty, passion and dedication.

We all belong to tribes of one sort or another. And although we may have exchanged the land for the city, the spear for well-chosen words and our battle-ground is now the office, we still defend our tribe with the same fierce commitment as any ancient warrior. In our tribal identity we find purity of love, of friendship and of belonging that transcends the complex world we have created for ourselves.

Here indeed is the same paradox that is at the very heart of 8thTRIBE - our superb new fruit liqueur from New Zealand. How can a drink so pure generate such extraordinarily rich, complex flavours? We think it has something to do with those same tribal qualities of passion, of purity and of dedication. In any case, enjoy the experience of trying to figure it out for yourself.