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Like snuggling around an open fire in winter, our Dark Spice liqueur is warm enough to make you hope for bad weather and cold evenings every day. Its warm, smooth, seductive flavours come from the most unlikely hero .....the walnut!

The technical bit..... An old Italian recipe mentions "About the middle of June, take as many green walnuts as you please, try them all with a pin, if it goes easily through them they are fit for your purpose.........." In the Southern Hemisphere, we hand pick green walnuts in December. The chopped green walnuts are infused with neutral spirits, a product distilled in New Zealand from fermented whey. We add wonderful spices like cloves and horopito (the steeping walnults will take on a dark-green hue) this will get darker with time.

Years later, we siphon the green walnut (now almost black) concentrate off and blend our 8thTRIBE Dark Spice Liqueur, using only fresh spring water from our own deep spring, sugars, and more spices - no artificial flavours or aromas.

Once blended and bottled, our Dark Spice Liqueur is further enhanced by being allowed to mature for several months, before being presented to you.