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Why 8thTRIBE?

8thTRIBE has to do with our family, where we come from, and where we are now........ Our story has its roots in Europe. And although our family comes from a tiny village in the Bavarian Alps, our extended family came from 7 corners of Europe and our journey to New Zealand 30 years ago extends our tribal reach to eight countries - hence the 8thTRIBE was born.

8thTRIBE, ............ know who you are.

What are the other 7 countries?

Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Scotland, & then NZ makes the 8thTRIBE

Where did the design come from?

It was inspired by the culture of tribal tattoos, water, waves but most importantly our family coat of arms, and designed by a great Kiwi design company, Curious Design in Auckland...... It even won an international design award.

How do you drink 8thTRIBE?

We expect this will reinvent cocktail drinking in this country; there's nothing like it. 8thTRIBE has really been designed with the mixologist in mind - it contains fresh ingredients, distinctive flavours and a sensational taste experience. It's a premium spirit that can be enjoyed on the rocks, as a shot or a cocktail ......check out some of our recipes.

How to take care of your drops.

8thTRIBE Liqueurs are made from premium New Zealand whole fruit, crafted over many months using the finely-honed skills of the distillers. For maximum enjoyment and to safeguard the natural flavours and aromas we capture for you, store this bottle in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Enjoy within 12 months of opening.

How to take care of everything else!

- Here at 8thTRIBE we always drink in moderation

- Care for your environment, please recycle!

......if you drink it, you're part of it!