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From the humblest of origins, the uniquely New Zealand, feijoa fruit, is an extraordinary example of being able to create a complex, sophisticated spirit with layers of flavour, and a mouth-tingling finish.

The technical bit..... Across New Zealand, feijoas are a common sight in backyards. But to the rest of the world (except some parts of South America (from where they actually originate), you'd be forgiven for not recognising these small, egg-shaped fruit. Beneath their thin, bright green skins, is exceedingly fragrant, cream-coloured flesh that encases a jelly-like centre. The flavour is complex, with sweet notes of quince, pineapple and mint.

To make 8thTRIBE Feijoa Liqueur, the juiced fruit is infused with neutral spirits, a product distilled in New Zealand, from fermented whey. The fruit/alcohol mix is, after a few days, batch-distilled in our copper still. The traditional form of the pot still and the skill of the distiller combine to yield a small amount of pure fruit essence - the natural flavours and aromas of the fruit.

Only the heart of the feijoa distillate is aged for a minimum of 6 months before it is blended into 8thTRIBE Feijoa Liqueur, using only fresh spring water from our own deep spring, sugars - no aritificial flavours or aromas - only the complex bouquet of ripe feijoas.

Once blended, our Feijoa Liqueur is aged for another few months, before being presented to you for drinking.