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MANA Shochu

New Zealand style Shochu, proudly distilled and blended at Distillerie Deinlein on behalf of MANA SHOCHU www.manashochu.co.nz

What is Shochu? Shochu translates to "fiery liquor" in Japanese.

A distilled spirit, Shochu can be manufactured from a variety of ingredients including rice, buckwheat, barley, sweet potato (kumara) and even sugar.

Single distilled Shochu (honkaku "the real thing" shochu) retains the aroma and flavour of its source ingredient ie sweet potato, barley etc.

The alcohol content of Shochu varies, the usual being 25%alc/vol, and being as high as 42%alc/vol.

It is a clear spirit  that can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, mixed with cold water, added to hot water, with tea, as a long drink with your favourite mixer or as a cocktail base.

Aroma and flavour profiles of Shochu will vary dependent upon the raw base ingredient, rice Shochu's producing a lighter product to that of the stronger, earthier and peatier characteristics of a sweet potato Shochu. This is not dissimilar to the regional variations of soils and barleys in Scotland that establish the characteristics of its whiskeys.

In New Zealand we are renowned for the quality and sweetness of our kumara (sweet potato). Maori first cultivated the kumara in pre-European times and since then, it has evolved into many larger, superior varieties. One of the most desirable of these is Owairaka Red Kumara.